Sense of dreams

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dreaming about:

Be seen: Sufer looses.
Rent a flat: You will marry soon.
Root celery eat: Big happiness.
-Buy: Love.
Jail: Illness.
Price list: Bad and sad news.
Customhouse see: Bitterness and troubles.
Cement: You will find good friend.
Double centner: Opression.
Flail: You will marry unpleasant person.
Ceremony: Bore.
Way: Good things.
Travel by foot: Something good.
-By coach: Happiness
-With companoins: Defamations.

Friday, February 01, 2008

New dreams

Drum see: You have to defend your rights.
-hit it: Hard defense.
Build building: good news.
-move into new: Troubles.
-see burning: Really big troubles ahead.
¨See falling: Hope.
-see unfinished: exciting days before you.
Bulldog: You will find protector.
Bull: Beware.
Bull, buy him: Altercation.
-be hit from bull: Luck and love.
-kill him: You will suffer.
Healing herbs use: Long life.
-Look for them: Wealth.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Another dreams:

Be before ford: You will be kidnapped.
-Go throught:you will hapilly go to target.
Bugs see: Hope.
Peaches eat: You will meet nice person.
-On tree: Temptation.
-Give: good news.
Voucher: You are unfaithful.
Cranberries pick: You will go to country.
-Eat: you will spend good time.
Glasses wear: Long live.
-Buy: Be carefull.
-Loose: beware of your things.
-Destroy: troubles ahead.
Shore, be on it: Good life.
-Go around: You will travel.

Monday, September 24, 2007

B letter

Booth, full of goods: Troubles.
Storm: Troubles, but you will win.
Mass: You will get a good job.
Brother, say him goodbye: Luck.
-Loose him: troubles ahead.
-Being upset at: Await big problems.
Gate open it: Marriage.
-Closed: Declining of your proposal
-See open: Happy end.
Potatoes: Troubles at work.
-Eat: You will be ill.
-See big: Money.
-Small: Powerty.
Armor wear: Big honor.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another draem signs:

Blueberries see: Poor house.
-Eat: Troubles with relatives.
-Look for: Too much pain.
-Found: Easy income.
Bare foot walk: You will be reputable.
Boots new: You will find something good.
-Small: Problems ahead.
-With holes: You will be relovated.
-Buy: You will travel soon.
-See many of them: Problems.
-Clean them: You will be belowed.
-Repair: Peacefull life.
-Lost: You will loose something.
-Wooden: You will loose custommers.
-From straw: BEware of extortionists.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Another few dream signs.

Lightning see: Friend will betray you.
Thistle see: You are hated by somobody.
-Rip it: YOur porblems will gone.
-Grow: You are source of your problems.
-Water: Dont do charity.
God pray to: All will be ok.
Be rich: Beware of speculations.
Fight see: Envy.
-Be in: Danger.
Battleplain: You will be involved in conflict.
Hemlock see: Bad ilness.
Pain feel: Joy.
-Teeth: Friend will betray you.
Bomb see exploded: Unexpected event. (Heh, that is cool)
Candy eat: You will fall in love.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sory.. and more pictures from dreams

Sory it took so long to write something here, but i was ill. And i still am. feel really bad, but itsd necessary to go out of bed and do something.
Mud, fall into it: Evil before you.
-On hands: You will take advantages.
-See: Beware of defamation.
Fool be: Honour.
-See: You will be poor.
-Have fun from him: Youll have problems.
-Talk him: Somebody cheats you.
Bedlam: You will be seriously harmed.
Flea see: You will hear bad news.
-Catch: All will be in order soon.
-being bitten by:Nice profit.
Lightning see: Problems.
-Be hit by: Ilness.
-See it strike house: Missfortune.
Delirium: Prepare for unexpected.
Will-o'-the-wisp see: Big dissapointment.

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